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Useful Links
rpanonmodling wrote in rpanoncomm
This is not a regular anoncomm post, but more like a place to get collections of links to RP related things. I'll try to update it as often as possible and probably link this on the actual anoncomm posts, to keep the copypasta clean.

roleplaypages (Characters? only)
rpindex (Game Directory)

Game Information
umustknow (old meme, currently dead)

HMD Meme
hmd_me (monthly)

Other Useful Journals
app_this_plz (monthly, first Sunday)
rpadvicememe (old one, currently dead)
mintyapple (layouts, profiles, cr chart codes)
[personal profile] dwroleplay


Icon Tutorials
More Icon Tutorials

Searching communities by username:

Informative Links
RP Resources
Special characters (such as a "spaceless" comma)
CR chart codes
More CR chart codes
Character development survey

Anon Quotes

Comments are screened for now, to cut down on unnecessary, regular meme-like conversation, please link journals!

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More CR chart codes: - a whole bunch of resources on everything from how to graphics, names, HTML...

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