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rpanonmodling wrote in rpanoncomm
REMEMBER: We are not sf_drama/sfd_anon or 4chan. Pornographic images/shock site crap will be deleted; racewank, genderwank, wankbaiting, trolling attempts, etc. will be frozen if not outright deleted (it really has gotten dull.) This is not the community to discuss such issues.

Sharing friends-locked posts, plurks, chat logs, or similar without permission is not cool and will be taken down if one of the parties involved requests it. In the same vein, sharing personal non-RP information about anyone is likely to get threads deleted as well. It has no business being in any public venue, and definitely not in this RP meme.

IP logging is OFF. Please don't hesitate to let us know about any problem threads here. This is the only way we'll know if things are getting out of hand in the game or canon threads, so please use it if possible! This is also the best place to report embeds.

We have gotten complaints about the amount of spam. Please try to limit related topics, both RP and otherwise, to one thread per page when possible. If it gets out of hand, comments may be deleted.

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Neku Sakuraba | The World Ends With You

Posted right at the end of the last meme, so let's try this again. Survival/horror not preferred, open to most other premises. Anyone interested?

Nia Teppelin | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Reverse ad - looking for a post-timeskip Nia to come to trans_9, shoot me a PM if interested.

Re: Nia Teppelin | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

that's not a reverse ad, it's an actual ad. jsyk.

Nozdormu | Warcraft

I've wanted to try playing him for a little while now; blame End Time. I'm not entirely sure I'd be looking to try him in a game just yet, but if anybody's interested in one-on-one, museboxing, or meme threads against him, I'd be more than happy to do so.

Re: Nozdormu | Warcraft

At work so I'm not logged in but I play a WoW character over at paradisa and we'd love to have a Nozdormu again, especially with the recent content now out.

If not, while I don't have a musebox, if you make a thread on dear_mun anytime soon I'd be more than willing to help you test his voice. :)

Dug the dog | Up

I just can't seem to shake this muse. I'm shopping around for a game that could use a derpy talking dog; does anyone want him? Here's what I'm looking for.

Slow/medium pace - I play in a big game with an active character already, so I'm looking for something chill. Someplace with a lax AC would be awesome.

Not so dark - I don't mind playing him where he needs to fight or might get injured, but no torture, please. No settings where he's expected to die occasionally as a matter of course.

Places that allow recycled apps preferred. I've played him in a game before, so I already have it all ready to go. :V

On Livejournal. I know, I know, but I never seem to keep up with games hosted on IJ or DW.

Places where reserves aren't open for awhile are okay! I'm not planning to app him anywhere until after the holidays, so there's no hurry.

Re: Dug the dog | Up (Anonymous) Expand
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Transformers Rescue Bots | Blades

I know it's too early, and I don't ever expect any castmates, but would anyone like to play against this scardy-cat transformer? I'd love to play with any 'bot from any universe, but really just want to plop this guy somewhere. Preference to community based games, and keeping him in robot form.

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Gyatso || Avatar: The Last Airbender @ <lj user="gargleblasted">

If there is one person that I want Aang to have CR with most it's Gyatso. Not only was he his guardian, but they were best friends! It is so heartbreaking how short their time was.

In the games he is in, Aang is in a funk. He doesn't have the Avatar State, his connection to his past lives is like a very, very dim light in the distance, and he's pretty sure more than one chakra is closed again... He doesn't understand these things very well, and who better to help him along the way? Gyatso was a personal friend of Guru Pathik's after all.

He can't really help but think of the possibility that Gyatso will show up on the ship. It doesn't eat away at him or anything, and for the most part he enjoys his time there! It's not like Aang can just act like nothing happened if Gyatso did show up. It's safe to say he's thought about ways to explain himself to Gyatso even though he knows he was already forgiven.

Aang is post series, and Appa and Momo are with him. Zuko, Katara and Suki are also on board! Plus, reserves open on Dec. 24!

Setsuna F. Seiei | Gundam 00

Tentatively looking for a home for Setsuna F. Seiei from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Willing to look at anything and everything, but I prefer faster-paced and community-based games. Castmates would be awesome, but not required.

Ruby | Ruby Quest

I prefer dark/horror settings, but honestly, point me to a medium-to-slow game that accepts canons like this, and I'll look into it.


The spot just recently opened up and there are 9 slots in the reserves left for the upcoming cycle.

Ieyasu Tokugawa | Sengoku BASARA

Game-canon, preferably no sex-games but otherwise pretty open to ideas. Just recently got the muse back and want to give him a proper run.

Viki| Suikoden

I really want to find a nice game to put her in.

I'm really open to anything really.



We'd also love an XFC Moira MacTaggart and a Wolverine: Origins Silver Fox!

Re: CAPEANDCOWL (Anonymous) Expand
I'm looking to play Minene Uryuu from Mirai Nikki which is basically a survival manga/anime/canon. I don't mind playing her in a survival game, but I'm looking for something community based and not too large and overly active. I'd be playing her from the manga canon and not so much from the anime.

Enable me.

I'm looking either to play Fluttershy from MLP:FIM, Ashe or Rasler from Final Fantasy XII. I'm open to almost anything with the last two, smut, AU memory loss etc. For Fluttershy, I'd prefer castmates, and a more lighthearted setting so she's actually playable.

I'm looking to play Igrick, possibly at a sex-game or survival-horror. Any tips on how to come across as a complete jackass while still remaining in a position of untouchable power?

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I want hideous Bullseye/Deadpool/Venom/Carnage shenanigans come January.

Please make my dreams come true.

I'm looking for somewhere to play Akagi Shigeru from Ten (post-East-West showdown but pre-time skip)! Preferably somewhere less dark and combat-orientated given that he's not a fighter. Somewhere not entirely prose-based would be good too. Honestly, though? I'm open to pretty much anything. Really the only hundred percent No is crack.

This is kind of a long shot since he's from a fairly obscure canon but just thought I'd throw this out there anyway!

Rachel | Supernatural

I want to play her more, flesh her character out a bit, but I'm not sure where I should do it.

If anyone wants to play with a Rachel (or 'Rachael' if you prefer), even if it's in a musebox, let me know!

April Ryan | Dreamfall: The Longest Journey


So I'm tentatively interested in play April here in a game. I'd like to take her from after her last appearance in Dreamfall.

The only sort of game I'm not much interested in for her is smut based and crack. Otherwise, lay your suggestions on me. Bonus points if the game is DW based or is moving to DW.

Kohta Hirano | High School of the Dead

Although he would work for a horror setting best given his canon, I'd love to play Hirano about anywhere. Cast mates would be super if anyone plays them.

Sokka, Hakoda, or Toph | A:TLA

So I haven't quite decided which character I'd like to app yet but I am looking for a home for one of them. I don't have any preference for which journal site your game is on.

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Anyone want a DI Lestrade from BBC's Sherlock?

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