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the king of hearts
rpanonmodling wrote in rpanoncomm
REMEMBER: We are not sf_drama/sfd_anon or 4chan. Pornographic images/shock site crap will be deleted; racewank, genderwank, wankbaiting, trolling attempts, etc. will be frozen if not outright deleted (it really has gotten dull.) This is not the community to discuss such issues.

Sharing friends-locked posts, chat logs, or similar without permission is not cool and will be taken down if one of the parties involved requests it.

IP logging is OFF. We will turn it back on if people continue to troll. Please don't hesitate to let us know about any problem threads here.

We have gotten complaints about the amount of spam. Please try to limit related topics, both RP and otherwise, to one thread per page when possible. If it gets out of hand, comments may be deleted. For example, we don't need an entire page filled with Goggles related threads.

Captcha is turned on to make things more streamlined, since it turns on half the time anyway.

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PERSONA 4 - journals up for adoption

I have two old journals I don't need anymore. If anyone wants them, send me a PM and I'd be happy to pass either of them along.

Naoto Shirogane → nanbu2

Yukiko Amagi → harlotsmercy

Both were named after ingame weapons they use, from what I remember.

Shantotto - Final Fantasy XI/Dissidia Series

ohohoh seems to obvious.




Still looking for ideas for Edge from Final Fantasy IV. For OG or TAY, either works.

Kaoru Hitachiin | Ouran High School Host Club

Unfortunately I don't have a Hikaru to match my journal name to.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Kanji Tatsumi | Persona 4


Maggey Byrde | Ace Attorney


Mahariel - Dragon Age

...I'm debating between andthenlynawasa and pressxtotamlen.

Ezio/Leonardo da Vinci | Assassin's Creed

Brotherhood Ezio, and either game for Leonardo. Can't decide which to play, sorry for asking for both of them T__T

Mass Effect - Garrus Vakarian

I'm thinking of taking him from the end of ME2.

Takuto Tsunashi | Star Driver

*dazzles this comm*

Spartan-456/Nicole-456 || Halo/Dead or Alive 4

Doubt anyone knows whom I am talking about, but it can't hurt to try? And well, anything that isn't about how she's the "fanservice" Spartan or whatever would be loved or something argh.

Tear Grants | Tales of the Abyss


Megara - Hercules

Thinking of apping her somewhere but blanking on usernames.

Re: Megara - Hercules (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Megara - Hercules (Anonymous) Expand

Rosalie Hale | Twilight

Yeah, yeah. Ew, Twilight, I know.

Morrigan | Dragon Age

._. Also possibly needing tips to play her.



Re: AXEL - KINGDOM HEARTS (Anonymous) Expand

Lt. Gruber | 'Allo 'Allo

Okay, I don't expect anyone to know this canon, but... if you do, any suggestions?

Seeking PB for Justine Florbelle

She's from Amnesia: The Dark Descent's expansion, Amnesia: Justine.

Basically, I need a PB of a young, beautiful woman with black hair, minimal makeup, and really, really white skin. She's a French aristocrat in the 19th century. She's also a complete sociopath. A very civilized and intelligent sociopath, but a sociopath who would put GLaDOS to shame. So there needs to be pictures of her with an evil smile and at least one picture of her with blood on her hands, clothes, face, anywhere; I'm not going to be picky.

Please help?

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Jo Harvelle | Supernatural




Koyuki Sasamori | Iris Zero


Death the Kid | Soul Eater


CHARLES XAVIER | X-Men First Class


Mulan | Disney's Mulan (Anonymous) Expand
Rachel Alucard | BlazBlue (Anonymous) Expand
Lavi | D.Gray-man (Anonymous) Expand
Karkat Vantas | Homestuck (Anonymous) Expand
China >> Nyotalia (Anonymous) Expand
Jade Harley | Homestuck (Anonymous) Expand
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