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rpanonmodling wrote in rpanoncomm
REMEMBER: We are not sf_drama/sfd_anon or 4chan. Pornographic images/shock site crap will be deleted; racewank, genderwank, wankbaiting, trolling attempts, etc. will be frozen if not outright deleted (it really has gotten dull.) This is not the community to discuss such issues.

Sharing friends-locked posts, chat logs, or similar without permission is not cool and will be taken down if one of the parties involved requests it.

IP logging is OFF. We will turn it back on if people continue to troll. Please don't hesitate to let us know about any problem threads here.

We have gotten complaints about the amount of spam. Please try to limit related topics, both RP and otherwise, to one thread per page when possible. If it gets out of hand, comments may be deleted. For example, we don't need an entire page filled with Goggles related threads.

Captcha is turned on to make things more streamlined, since it turns on half the time anyway.

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If you have a Bleach muse who is not of the following: Yumichika, Ikkaku, Renji, Kaien, Yoruichi, Urahara, Ukitake, Keigo, Orihime or Sui Feng...

Then you belong at gargleblasted!

GB is a community-based, medium-fast paced (~10 posts to the main comm/day + more during events and app weekends) easy-medium AC (one primary and one secondary proof of activity over a month) log-/commentspam-/backtag-/any speed of tag-/whathaveyou-friendly sandbox game where you can do anything you want provided it gets mod approval. We have room for all your characters, big and small and minor and overpowered and weak and all the things in between.

The bottom line is: We want you to join us and our crew. We want all your shinigami, karakura residents, arrancar, vaizard, xcution members, I'm not even sure if they qualify to be apped but zanpakutou and even bounts and other filler villains (+movie characters).... the bottom line is: If you play from Bleach, you should play with us, because we like you very much and we're very certain you would also like us!

Before I close this ad I would like to mention that our Renji has been looking for a Rukia for ages and we want to fill out the rest of eleventh squad like burning.

Points of Interest: reserve | app

Feel free to respond to this comment or PM this account with any questions!

Hey. You know what would be awesome?

Anyone at damned. Because it's just been me for the past two years and that's really depressing. Obviously this needs to be amended.

So uh. Go reserve that shit. Or something. At least give it a look.

Kingdom Hearts @ Luceti

Hey there! I play Ventus and Riku over at Luceti, and we're currently looking to expand our cast a little.

Here's who we have already:

Sora, Riku, Kairi, Terra, Ventus, Vanitas, Axel, Roxas, Xion, Riku Replica, Xigbar

And who we want:

King Mickey, Master Eraqus, Master Xehanort, the Twilight Town gang, anyone from Org XIII (I'd like to see Xemnas or Zexion), Xehanort's Heartless, Aqua, Naminé, Hercules, 626, and Ansem the Wise.

Sonic the Hedgehog @ Route 29

Here we go again!

Anyway, still looking to expand the Sonic cast at Route. Like Sonic and Pokémon? route_29 is a panfandom game set in Johto, where characters can explore the Pokémon world in all its glory.

Who we have: SatAM Sonic, Silver, Rouge, Shadow
Seeking: My dream is still to net a Princess Sally and Antoine. Like always, any SatAM folk would be amazing, especially those two, Bunnie, Tails, or Uncle Chuck.

Other characters I'd like to see... Amy Rose, Sonia, Manic, the Chaotix, Eggman, Robotnik (SatAM, Archie, or AoStH!), Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Lara-Su, Manik, Sonia (Sonic's archie kid)... basically everyone ever.


SO HEY it's an AU and everything but you know what'd be excellent at bloodcarnival when it opens at the end of the month?

That's right.

more Code Geass

We have Gino and Euphemia at the moment, with a Lelouch on reserve. A Suzaku Kururugi or an Anya Alstreim would be especially great. Clearly I am not biased at all, no

Interested? Check out the premise, or the reserves and taken list.

Edited at 2011-06-10 03:12 pm (UTC)

Bi-monthly Ranma asking for! Though, this time, I'm gonna lay off the gimmicks because I REALLY want a cast here. It's just Ranma right now.

I'm really looking for an Akane and Ryoga more than anything, though anyone else in the series would be adored. I know some people are actually more hoping for a Shampoo to app than anything though! The problem is that the app round actually ends today, whoops. But you can reserve and then come back later!

mayfield_rpg is a medium paced journal based game set in a dystopian 1950s American town. If you've ever wanted any of the characters to train to be a wife to Ranma/husband to Akane, etc etc!

Tales of Phantasia @ Luceti

Because Arche and Dhaos are lonely. We wants castmates! Anyone would be very much squeed over, even someone like the Morrisons. Party members, side characters, you name it.

luceti is a medium-fast paced journal-based game where characters receive wings and a 50% power downgrade upon arrival. There are monthly events and an optional draft, and everyone is very friendly and welcoming!

Apps open the 1st of July and close the 7th, and reserves open in about a week. Phantasia fans, unite!

Edited at 2011-06-10 06:38 pm (UTC)

looking for a game!

Does anyone want a John Watson from BBC's Sherlock? Looking for a medium-paced/sized game with easy activity, comm-based preferred but I'm willing to do a journal-based game with enough incentive. If there's a Sherlock already there, that'd be awesome too. Thanks!

Re: looking for a game! (Anonymous) Expand


I posted this on the other meme but it was when it was nearing 10,000 comments, so would anyone like a Kyouko Sakura from PMMM? I know there are lots of full casts already at games. No sex games.


> Attend Sonic Boom 2011
> Party all night long
> Wake up the next morning with an intact Silver muse

I have no idea how that worked, but does anyone want a psychokinetic hedgehog with massive amounts of awkwardness and naïveté? Preferably a medium-sized, medium paced game, no sex games, no memory loss, canonmates not necessary.

SEEKING Red Vs. Blue & Halo @ Paradisa!

paradisa is a fairly large medium-fast panfandom jamjar in serious need of idiots and space marines.

Red vs. Blue:
Have: York & Delta, Washington, Texas, and Meta/Maine.
Want: In particular AnyChurch, Reds, Blues, The Director, any of the AIs, anyone, really.

Have: Kat-320, Rookie
Want: Any other ODSTs, any other Spartans, Colonel Holland, Dr. Halsey, Cortana, AAAAANYONE :3

There will be lots of hugs and cookies and :D for anyone from either of these canons!!! If you have any questions about Paraidsa, feel free to hit me up here or here and I will happily answer them for you!

(Deleted comment)

HiNaBN @ Adstringendum


We've currently got Hanna and {...} over at adstringendum, but I would love to have more cast mates!

My Hanna is from mid-chapter 2, so he won't know anyone other than the main cast, but {...} is from the most recent update, so feel free to bring who ever!

Edited at 2011-06-11 08:23 am (UTC)

WANTED: Ace from 999 @ ROUTE_29

Who we have: [2]Snake, [3]Santa, [4]Clover, [5]Junpei, [6]June, [7]Seven
App pending: [8]Lotus

Which means that we're only missing an Ace to complete our cast! Well, and a Ninth Man. I think he might be appable in this game too.

Come on and join us! Ace can be chill with all the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys and never question why they all look alike.

This is all at route_29, where Pokemon related shenanigans happen.

I'm looking for a game (or games) that allow fandom OCs. Are there any out there?

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
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I'm looking to app at reimsacademy and I have a few ideas of background and such.

What character types are sorely lacking? Is there any specific sort of character you would like to see around? I'm just curious really.


Is anyone like Ashe from Final Fantasy XII, or Fluttershy from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?

I prefer games that are not AU or memory loss, and castmates for both would be awesome. I don't have any preference for genre either.


anyone interested in having an Alice from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World?

Cyril Figgis from Archer on fx?

I have a Cyril muse... yeah, go figure. Would anybody be interested? And are there any other characters from Archer out there?

Anyone want Sugata from Star Driver? I've had a pretty big muse for him as of late but no idea where to put him.

ESPECIALLY LOOKING for more Gargoyles cast @ Disney Academy

Full list here:

@ Disney Academy (


I feel like a douche, and this is probably a long shot, but is there anyone out there that would like a X-era Yuna from Final Fantasy? I know we Yuna-muns are a dime a dozen, but I would really like a serious game I can pick her up at again, canonmates obviously a preference...

OC Powers-enabled game?

I have a very specific OC in mind that I would like to play at a game where characters are allowed to keep powers/abilities. Specifically the character would be a vampire and I want to keep this aspect intact.

Any games out there?

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baccano! at route 29

I'm considering apping either Isaac or Miria so I'm looking for someone! anyone! to play the other half of this duo with me. Let's outshenanigan Team Rocket together, anon!

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