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the king of hearts
rpanonmodling wrote in rpanoncomm
REMEMBER: We are not sf_drama/sfd_anon or 4chan. Pornographic images/shock site crap will be deleted; racewank, genderwank, wankbaiting, trolling attempts, etc. will be frozen if not outright deleted (it really has gotten dull.) This is not the community to discuss such issues.

Sharing friends-locked posts, chat logs, or similar without permission is not cool and will be taken down if one of the parties involved requests it.

IP logging is OFF. We will turn it back on if people continue to troll. Please don't hesitate to let us know about any problem threads here.

We have gotten complaints about the amount of spam. Please try to limit related topics, both RP and otherwise, to one thread per page when possible. If it gets out of hand, comments may be deleted. For example, we don't need an entire page filled with Goggles related threads.

Captcha is turned on to make things more streamlined, since it turns on half the time anyway.

GAME discussion
CANON discussion

Open memes

Game ideas
App this plz/enable me
Game ads
Username suggestions

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Page O' Useful Links (which will probably never be updated)

NOT NEW! Go to anonsexhealth for your anon sex health related questions.


You just didn't have enought stamina.

I am so fucking good looking.

I want to fuck me,

Stop deleting your fucking journals.

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